Choosing the Right Hearing Aid

There are many styles of hearing aids on the market, and there’s no one option that’s right for everyone. You have to take several factors into consideration as you go through the process of choosing a hearing aid. The most important thing to remember is that you must go through this process with a trained and experienced audiologist at your side.

Where to Shop

Many people with hearing loss in San Diego make the mistake of turning to large retailers or online outlets to shop for cheap hearing aids. This is a big mistake! Not only can we offer competitive pricing on all styles of hearing aids at California Head & Neck Specialists, we can offer you valuable advice, guidance, and assistance throughout the process. Today’s amazing digital hearing aids are so advanced that the fitting and programming are equally as important as the device itself. When you get your hearing aids from an audiologist, you’ll have someone to turn to for necessary adjustments and follow-up appointments as you adapt to life and listening with your new devices.

Factors to Consider

Choosing a hearing aid is not a simple process, and you’ll be most successful if you take several different factors into consideration. With a San Diego hearing aid specialist at your side, though, weighing all these factors will allow you to make the right decision. Some of the most important things to think about while you’re choosing a hearing aid include:

  • Your hearing loss—Some hearing aids target certain levels or frequencies of hearing loss, and you should make sure you’re choosing a hearing aid that’s intended for your hearing needs.
  • Lifestyle—Choosing hearing aids that match your lifestyle is very important. Your audiologist will help you assess your regular habits to determine your hearing needs before explaining the best hearing aid choices for you. People who live quiet, private lives usually opt for different hearing aids than our patients who are busy working, exercising, and regularly participating in other activities.
  • Budget—Hearing aids pack a lot of amazing technology in a tiny space. Like other technology, hearing aids are a significant investment. Today’s digital devices vary widely in price, and it’s important to choose a pair that fits in your budget while meeting your lifestyle needs. Your audiologist will help you determine what features are worth the cost, so you get the perfect hearing aids at the right price.
  • Cosmetics—Your cosmetic preferences will play a huge role in what hearing aids you consider. It’s vital that you feel confident while wearing your hearing aids, otherwise you may not wear them as much as you should. Many of the devices available today are very discreet, and some are totally undetectable to others.
  • Features and functions—There are a lot of features available in today’s hearing aid technology, and it’s important to become familiar with your options. Once you understand how different features work, you’ll be able to choose the hearing aid that best meets your needs and lifestyle. Popular features include:
    • Directional microphones
    • Feedback suppression
    • Digital noise reduction
    • Wax guards
    • Automatic volume control
    • Bluetooth connectivity
    • FM-system connectivity
    • Data logging
    • Binaural processing