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Dear Angela and Team, I want to take this opportunity to extend my thanks once again for squeezing me into your office at 4:45 PM on Friday April 7th, during my brief trip to San Diego, before then heading to Milan, Italy the next day. Your thoughtful care, endoscopic exam, and Rx for Clindamycin returned my exquisitely sore throat back to normal in just several days. I did not need the Medrol Dose pack. I was truly miserable before I saw you, and you saved me for the rest of my challenging travel agenda that week. I wish you the best of everything going forward.

Thank You

Dear Dr. Mehta,

I want to thank you for the extensive work you did on my ear. I am so humbled and blessed to have a doctor with your skills and expertise.

Dear Dr. Mehta

Dear Dr. Mehta,Thank you for all you & your staff did for me in October! You all went out of your way & I’m very grateful. Have an amazing day!

by James M. (Mike) Hart on California Head & Neck Specialists
Dr. Mattson

I'm posting this review to express my deepest gratitude to Dr. Sara Mattson for her sense of urgency, her expertise, and her great attitude in helping me recover from hearing loss (via great Widex devices). I can always count on Dr. Mattson to accommodate my busy schedule when things go wrong - she's absolutely fantastic and I could not be more pleased with this association.
Thanks Dr. Mattson!

Thank you for all you do

Dear Dr. Mehta,
I wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude and appreciation for your caring and manner that were a part of my recovery from surgery. Your skills are impeccable and God has guided you well. I always felt you were the person to bring me to health – there was never a doubt.

Thank you for all you do and may your work always be fulfilling.

Your best fan,
Joel H.

by Steve and Sherry M. on California Head & Neck Specialists

Dear Dr. Mehta, Dr. Calzada and Staff,

We wish to express our deep appreciation for your seeing us on such short notice and then treating a very difficult problem – not hearing! I was treated w/ kindness and each procedure was explained, which really helps. Since we live on a very limited income your monetary consideration was very welcomed. Please accept our many thanks for your help.

Endolymphic Sac Surgery

I've had bilateral sac surgery with tubes. Due to bilateral meniere's disease with severe hearing loss. If you're considering the surgery, I highly recommend Dr. Mehta as your surgeon. I have had remarkable results, they have far exceeded my expectations. My post op time was relatively painless, I have had both relieve of most of my vertigo symptoms. I have had amazing improvement of clarity with my hearing in both ears which allows my hearing aids to be more effective. The overall planning and communication with the staff was excellent!They walked me through every step and answered any and all questions that I had.

I saw Dr. Coufal for my pituitary adenoma (2.6 cm). He was so knowledgeable, patient, kind and answered all of my questions. He successfully performed the endoscopic transphenoidal adenoma resection surgery with Dr. Ritvik Mehta and I am so happy with the results. My recovery has been amazing and Dr. Coufal and his office have been so supportive and attentive to my needs and questions post-surgery. His office staff is very kind and helpful.

- Diana B.

Sinusitis and Hearing Issues

Dr. Chang recently performed a "Balloon Procedures" to clear my sinus on both noses last Nov 13, 2014 in Carlsbad, Ca. She was very professional in all aspects...such as explaining to me in details the procedures prior, during and after. She kept asking me if I was doing Ok during the procedures and very gentle removing my sinus. I am now 62 years of age and have this issue while I was still in high school. Prior to the procedures of my sinusitis issues, I always have a headache - been taking meds to relieve the pain, breath on my mouth when I was asleep and woke up with dry throat of course, and when I talked it seems I put a cliff on my nose of which some people can barely understand what I was saying and had to repeat myself from time to time. As a trainer/instructor in the Navy, since 1984 up to today, it is very important for me to communicate well to my trainees and my head should be clear most of the time of which Dr. Chang outstanding procedures gave me unconditional motivation to continue working and provide a quality service to my customers. In addition, Dr. Mehta checked my Ear Issues and provided me a clear picture of what I needed to do to fix my hearing loss. I am a very lucky patient to have such a wonderful doctors who provided me a bigger hope that life will be more meaningful if you can truly talk and hear well to other people. God Bless to both Dr. Chang, and Dr. Mehta including their staff who are very helpful like Stefani and especially Maria. My hats off to all of you. Sincerely, Benjamin Doria

Right Ear Bone implantation for my Baha Hearing Device implanted by Dr. Angela Chang

Thanks to Dr. Angela Chang I can now hear myself better and peripherally! I have not heard this well for the past 39 years after losing the hearing in my right ear due to a virus and then, recently losing some hearing loss in my left ear also! Thanks to her outstanding surgical skills in putting-in my right ear bone implant for my Cochlear Baja Hearing Device my quality of life has tremendously improved! Dr. Chang is a very professional, skilled, experienced and knowledgeable Ophthalmologist. Equally, she has the TLC trait that is extremely important for all doctors, nurses and all other medical personnel. She illustrates genuine concern and knowledge that made me feel confident in her surgical ability to operate on me! Dr. Chang is a "valuable asset" to the California Head & Neck Specialists - Ear, Nose and Throat Center, as well as to her future patients!

Thanks again, Dr. Chang for your great job in helping me with my hearing loss! I will continue to see your yearly for my hearing check-ups!

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Mrs. Rosemarie P. Beyer

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