Pediatric Audiology

An ear infection can be painful enough for adults but for children it can be excruciating. Pediatric otitis media afflicts millions of children each year. But as a parent it’s important to know the symptoms of this common condition and available treatment options.

Symptoms & Causes

Your child might have an infection if he or she is suffering an earache, trouble eating or sleeping, high temperature or a liquid/puss draining from the ear. It’s important to consult their primary care doctor and possibly an Ear, Nose & Throat doctor immediately if they are suffering severely from these symptoms.


  • Behavioral Observation Audiometry
  • Visual Reinforcement Audiometry
  • Conditoned Play Audiometry
  • Conventional Audiometry
  • Otoacoustic Emission Testing
  • Evoked Potential Testing


  • All hearing aids are fit using real-ear verification, which is a scientific approach to hearing aid fittings to ensure your child is being appropriately fit to meet their speech and language development needs.
  • If your infant or child needs hearing aids, we offer the very best in hearing aid technology and will customize the device to your child’s needs. We offer an array of fun colors and other pediatric-friendly hearing aid accessories.
  • Assistive listening devices such as FM systems are often required to ensure your child gets the most out of their classroom environment or other noisy environments. A FM system works by sending the talker’s voice directly into the child’s hearing aids, improving the signal to noise ratio.


Noise-induced Hearing Loss is a real concern for the youth of today. If you are interested in education children and young adults about the dangers of noise exposure, please visit these websites for some great information and cool ideas!

  • Recognizing that the risk of permanent hearing loss from noise exposure is very real for individuals of all ages, the American Academy of Audiology has undertaken a campaign to raise public awareness about the dangers of exposure to high-level sound and to raise funds in support of noise-induced hearing loss research. These activities have recently been fueled by Turn It to the Left, an educational rap song on noise-induced hearing loss written by the Academy’s good friend, musician Benjamin Jackson. The rap’s "hook" urges all to take the volume control and "turn it to the left." Ben’s live performance of this rap at AudiologyNOW!® 2007 in Denver received a standing ovation and much praise for its clever message aimed at young music lovers. To see Ben Jackson’s performance please visit this youtube site.