Ritvik Mehta, MD

Millions of dollars are wasted annually by consumers who purchase hearing aids that don’t work for their hearing loss, are incorrectly programmed, or even worse, recommended for an issue that can be medically or surgically corrected. As a physician specializing in hearing and balance disorders, I am appalled at the number of patients I see on a daily basis who have wasted large amounts of time and money on inappropriate treatment.

Medicare and many insurance plans do not cover the cost of hearing aids. Because of that, it is imperative that you are an educated consumer when it comes to selecting your hearing healthcare provider.

There are two types of providers that specialize in hearing loss: physicians and audiologists. Physicians who specialize in hearing loss are otologists; they perform a complete medical evaluation looking for underlying disorders and also specialize in correcting hearing loss with surgery. Many types of hearing loss are correctable through outpatient surgery. Audiologists specialize in performing hearing tests and dispensing and programming hearing aids, typically under the supervision of a physician. Audiologists and otologists are a valuable part of your hearing healthcare treatment team.

Seeking out Integrated MD-Audiology Practices for your care provides you with tremendous value because you truly get the best of both worlds, maximizing the value of your dollar. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Comprehensive medical evaluation with an ear specialist to rule out any underlying disorders causing hearing loss, tumors or other concerning issues.
  • Complete audiometric testing, rather than a quick screening hearing test that many non-integrated clinics perform.
  • Same-day audiogram and physician appointments available at your convenience.
  • Audiometric testing and medical evaluation are typically covered by insurance.
  • Impacted ear wax, ear cleanings and other simple procedures can be conducted safely by a physician with a microscope, instead of having to schedule visits with your doctor when you are in a non-integrated clinic.
  • Access to the latest advances in implantable hearing devices, cochlear implants and other technological advances that are typically covered by insurance.
  • Collaboration between the physician and audiologist on your case results in the best possible hearing outcome.
  • Complimentary hearing device consultations and 45-Day trial periods on all devices so that you have peace of mind in the investment you make.
  • Hearing aid benefit are run through your insurance to utilize all available benefits.

To get the best care, look no further than Integrated MD-Audiology Practices.

At CALIFORNIA HEAD & NECK SPECIALISTS, our team of physicians and audiologists is dedicated to improving your hearing. We look forward to assisting you with your hearing healthcare needs.


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