No matter how advanced hearing aids become, they will never outperform our natural auditory system. While the limitations of hearing loss treatment technology may create occasional problems, hearing aid accessories provide many solutions. There are many different types of hearing aid accessories available to meet a broad spectrum of patient needs.

Hearing Aid Accessories for Improved Listening

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Today’s hearing aids are packed with features to make your listening experience the best it can be. However, some settings and situations are still very challenging for San Diego hearing aid wearers. Even the most advanced devices are limited when there is excessive background noise, like at a bar or Padres game; when the speaker is far away from listener, like at a church service or play; or when a building’s acoustics distort or dampen sound, such as in a conference room or museum. Several different hearing accessories are available to improve your hearing aids’ functionality in these situations.

  • FM Systems

    FM systems have two parts: a transmitter, placed near the source of sound, and a receiver that delivers the sound directly to your ear. These assistive listening devices (ALDs) send the sound gathered by the microphone using frequency-modulated (FM) technology, or radio waves. The FCC reserves a set of high-frequency FM channels specifically for ALD use. FM systems are commonly used in schools, colleges, religious services, lectures, and other similar settings.

  • Microphones

    A compact personal microphone is a great tool for any San Diego hearing aid wearer who struggles to hear conversations in noisy settings. These devices are usually the size of a pen or brooch and are attached to the speaker’s clothing. They have built-in automatic background noise reduction and send clear, quality sound straight to the listener’s hearing aids.

  • Wireless Transmitters

    More than 4 in 5 hearing aids purchased today have wireless technology that allow you to directly stream sound from any device with Bluetooth® capabilities. Wireless transmitters are small accessories that come is various shapes and sizes that allow for connectivity with your phone, TV, computer, iPad, and/or MP3 music player.

Hearing Aid Accessories for Cleaning and Care

Not only do hearing aid accessories boost your listening abilities in challenging hearing situations, they can also make caring for your hearing aids more efficient and effective. Here are some of the hearing aid accessories our Carlsbad, Murrieta and La Jolla patients love:

  • Hearing Aid Cleaning Tools

    Cleaning your hearing aids thoroughly each and every night is absolutely vital to their performance and longevity. We encourage anyone who invests in hearing aids in San Diego to also consider the benefits of all-in-one cleaning tools, comprehensive cleaning kits, and overnight dehumidifiers. These accessories will make your nightly routine easier and faster—plus they’re much more effective than other cleaning supplies.

  • Hearing Aid Batteries

    As you adapt to life with hearing aids, batteries will become a big part of your routine. You should always have several spare batteries on hand in different locations to ensure you’re never unprepared. You can purchase hearing aid batteries at either our La Jolla, Murrieta or Carlsbad offices at special prices; they are also available at most drug stores and online. Make sure you know what number and color of battery your devices take before your purchase.

  • Hearing Aid Wax Filters and Tubing

    If your new hearing aids have tubing, wax filters, or wax guards built in, it’s important to keep up with cleaning and replacements. Dirty, old, clogged, or damaged wax filters or tubes can prevent your hearing aids from working or cause them to deliver distorted and weak sound. Always keep a few spare components in several different locations, so you’re always ready for a quick repair.