When you’re feeling poorly because of a problem with your nose or mouth your entire life just doesn’t feel the same. The following pages on nose and mouth related illnesses are designed to help you easily find your symptoms and connect you to solutions. Our sense of smell helps us enjoy life — we can take in the aromas of our favorite foods and environments — but it’s also a warning system, alerting us to danger signals such as gas leaks, spoiled food and smoke or fire. Sinusitis can be acute and short-lasting or a chronic recurring problem but either way it can debilitate our lives. Snoring problems can not only steal a good night’s sleep, but also affect the ones you love most. Regardless of your unique circumstances you’ll be able to find some answers here.

The research at the government-funded National Institutes of Health and other public-private and university programs is constantly yielding new insight into these age-old problems. New technology and tools are also always in development. Our commitment to you is to keep you in-the-know about the latest developments in all of the nose- and mouth-related health areas.

Once you feel you’ve learned what you can here, our specialists would love to meet with you and provide solutions for your unique symptoms.


If you have nosebleeds it’s important to remember most times the underlying problem isn’t as bad as you might think. The condition is very common so don’t be too alarmed. Tracing the cause of a bloody nose can be difficult. Symptoms & Causes of Nosebleeds If you are exposed to dry, cold climates in the…

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Loss of Smell

Officially called anosmia, the loss of smell can deprive you of the everyday joys of great cooking or your favorite walk outdoors. Some degree of loss in your ability to smell comes with age, other times it can be temporary if related to nasal congestion or allergies. Symptoms & Causes of Loss of Smell Finding…

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Stuffy Nose

Nasal congestion or stuffy nose is a very common condition your Ears, Nose & Throat doctor diagnoses and treats at all times of the year. A stuffed up nose isn’t caused by mucus but rather by inflamed nasal tissue lining. Symptoms & Causes of a Stuffy Nose First it’s important to find out the cause…

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