While there are any number of reasons to bring your kids to the doctors, ear, nose and throat concerns are on the top of the list. It turns out, children are especially sensitive to issues like ear infections and food allergies.

Your child’s Carlsbad ENT specialist treats a wide variety of conditions. Because of this, it is often confusing where to take your sick child.

Below are the most common conditions your child’s Carlsbad ear, nose and throat doctor treats.

Ear infections

Ear infections are extremely common; almost 30 percent of children have had three or more episodes by the time they are three. This is because the Eustachian tubes in your child’s ears are horizontal, so fluids are unable to drain and can become trapped in the middle or inner ear. Commons signs your child is suffering from an ear infection include pulling on their ears, seeming irritable, waking up frequently at night, experiencing fever and/or losing their sense of balance.

Pediatric ent specialist

Nose Bleeds

Nose bleeds. Epistaxis, or chronic nose bleeds, are often the result of trauma, dryness or inflammatory disease. Treatments include the use of saline spray, humidifiers and/or Vaseline. If your child’s nosebleed continues despite these treatments you should bring them in to see their ear, nose and throat doctor.


Children between four and seven years old are most likely to suffer from a tonsil infection. Almost all cases of tonsillitis (85 percent) are caused by viruses. If your child’s tonsils become so enlarged they cause swallowing or breathing difficulty or if they continue to experience episodes of tonsillitis, you should bring them in to see a Carlsbad ENT specialist.

Sinus infections

Also known as sinusitis, are usually caused by a cold, flu, allergies or infections. If your child’s sinus infections last for more than two months or continue to return after treatment you should schedule an appointment with their ear, nose and throat doctor.

While your child’s pediatrician is able to handle most things that come their way, an ENT specialist should handle these chronic issues. Untreated chronic infections can lead to problems down the road if they are not sufficiently treated in a timely manner.