For most people, hearing loss is a deeply personal experience. As hearing health experts, we often see individuals who are either in denial of their condition or do not acknowledge the impact their hearing loss has on those around them. However, hearing loss can have a string impact on those in your social circle, especially those you are closest with. By giving yourself the gift of sound, you are not only being proactive about your personal health, you’re allowing yourself to stay connected to those around you.

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Among the nearly 30 million American adults with loss, their relationships with their loved ones are impacted the most by their condition. Many partners of those with loss of hearing explain their frustrations, stating their loved ones’ hearing loss leaves them feeling unheard, ignored and undervalued.

In a British study of 1,500 participants over the age of 55, nearly 50 percent stated a loss of hearing had hurt their personal relationships. A breakdown in communication can place additional strain on your social interactions.

This strain is often intensified when the hearing-impaired are victim to other unwanted consequences of hearing loss. These include social withdrawal, depression, anxiety and cognitive decline. In the same study, a third of the respondents confirmed that their impairment had caused them to lose touch with friends.

Most individuals wait an average of seven years before seeking treatment for hearing loss. It has been documented that, when left untreated, hearing loss can cause feelings of frustration and resentment in intimate relationships. Meanwhile, studies show that treating an impairment with hearing aids can lead to improved relationship satisfaction and socialization.

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